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The history of development of free-style and Greco-Roman wrestling in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan land is a motherland for numerous histories and legends about powerful batyrs, glory of whose strength was spreading far beyond the Kazakh steppes. From early ages folk stories and legends instilled in young fighters the love for testing their strength and abilities in various battles where two absolutely weaponless rivals tried to lay down each other on the back. There was no folk festival without wrestlers’ competitions and athletes’ performances, who without effort lifted incredible weights.

Baluan Sholak has a special place in the heroes’ history of Kazakhstan. It was him who started work on attraction of talented youth to a healthy style of life. Baluan Sholak didn’t practice professional wrestling. He was more attracted by performances, where he could show his outstanding power. It was him who broke the record which was not officially registered – Baluan Sholak managed to lift 816 kg with his body.

Kazhymukan Munaitpasov was the first professional wrestler, who was a pride of Kazakh people. There is a great number of international level prizes in the collection of this sportsman. There was no championship without slashing victories of Kazhymukan. For his numerous merits Munaitpasov got an honored title of “Batyr of Kazakh nation”.

Kazhymukan Munaitpasov laid the foundation for the great path of Kazakhs in professional wrestling of international level. In the composition of the national team of the Soviet Union many Kazakh wrestlers repeated achievements of Munaitpasov. Since 40s wrestling (both free-style and Greco-roman) began to develop in Kazakhstan as a kind of sport. And in 1947 representatives of our country took part in all-Union Greco-roman wrestling championship. Kairat Baydosov, one of the brightest wrestlers-representatives of Kazakh land of those times, got the title of Master of Sports of the USSR. That was the time when Kazakhstan wrestlers entered the elite of the world wrestling.

In 1964 Anatoly Kolesov, a Greco-roman wrestler, became the first Olympic champion of Kazakhstan and Merited Master of Sports of the USSR. It was his gold medal, after which the gold prizes collection of Kazakhstan was rapidly refilled. Incredibly high results, thanks to which Kazakhstan wrestlers became famous in the whole world, were gathered. Our sportsmen broke all possible and impossible records in all tournaments, including European and Asian championships, as well as Olympiads and world championships. So, multiple world champions and Olympic winners were Valery Rezancev, Zhaksylyk Ushkempirov, Shamil Serikov, Anatoly Nazarenko, Igor Rostotsky, Daulet Turlykhanov, Yuriy Melnichenko, Maulen Mamyrov.

The history of female wrestling in Kazakhstan

The female wrestling in Kazakhstan has not become a popular and traditional kind of sport yet, but our sportswomen have already managed to success in it. Rapid development of female wrestling began after the first successful performance of Kazakh female wrestling national team in the World Championship held in Baku in 2007. There Olga Smirnova got silver medal, and Elena Shalygina and Olga Zhanibekova won “bronze”.

The next year a long expected female debut happened during the Olympic Games. In the Beijing Olympic Games persevering Elena Shalygina became a bronze winner. In the same 2008 year Zhuldyz Eshimova-Turtbaeva showed herself, having won a silver medal in the World Championship held in Tokyo.

2009 became much more successful for sportswomen from Kazakhstan. In the Female Wrestling Asian Championship held in Pattaya (Thailand) the Kazakh female national team got four medals. Elena Shalygina and Tatyana Bakatyuk won gold, a silver medal was taken by Zhuldyz Eshimova-Turtbaeva and Ayim Abdildinova got a bronze medal. And as a result, in the team event Kazakh female national team got the third place. A member of Kazakh female wrestling national team, Darya Karpenko won a bronze medal in beach wrestling competition which was for the first time included into the program of Asian championship.

In the same year in the World Championship held in Herning (Denmark) Elena Shalygina took the third place and got only a bronze medal. In the final Gold Grand-Prize Tatyana Bakatyuk managed to win a gold medal.

The next year taking part in Asian Championship held in Indian Deli, Kazakh sportswomen took the third place in the team event having won three medals: Gusel Manyurova won a gold one, Zhuldyz Eshimova-Turtbaeva got a silver medal and Olga Zhanibekova – a bronze one. The final Gold Grand-Prize held in 2010 was much more successful for our sportswomen. Elena Shalygina and Zhuldyz Eshimova-Turtbaeva won silver medals while Aiym Abdildina and Gusel Manyurova got bronze.

The sportswomen from Kazakhstan managed to show their mastery in the XVI Summer Asian Games held in Guangzhou (China) where Elena Shalygina won a gold medal, Aiym Abdildina and Gusel Manyurova got bronze medals.

In the Asian Championship held in Tashkent in 2011 Gusel Manyurova took a gold medal while Aiym Abdildina and Tatyana Zaharova won bronze medals. In the 2012 London Olympic Games Gusel managed to win a bronze medal.

In 2013 new names of Kazakh female wrestlers became well-known in the world sport: The Republican national team took the second place in the team event in the Grand-Prize held in Italy having won one gold medal and two silver medals. Tatyana Amanzhol took the first place in the weight class up to 51 kg. Julie Satymbekova and Elmira Syzdykova won silver medals.

As we can see there are a lot of strong sportswomen who year by year prove the high level of Kazakh sport in general and of female wrestling in particular. However, the coaching staff is aimed at bringing up new winners. There are 8 clubs in which female professional wrestling is taught under the guidance of experienced trainers. More and more girls have learnt the art of wrestling, and their number is growing each year.

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